Public relations

We help you to build your brand, maintain your reputation and increase awareness about your name, products and help you to increase your sales.

Digital Communications

FAC’s dedicated digital communication experts help clients integrate the best of online and interactive technologies with traditional public relations, public affairs and marketing communications to deliver the most impactful communications programs possible..
From FAC’s extensive experience of online communication strategies, three factors emerge as essential to successful digital communication strategy:

  • Deep rich content.
  • Consistent yet specific user engagement.
  • A true competitive edge.


We help you to build CSR – Public Affairs – Financial PR – Internal Communication & As the Social Media is an ever-evolving platform IT transformed the way we communicate your social presence will be the lightning bolt right to the heart of your consumers

Media Relations

Organizations need to mind their ‘media manners’ more than ever given the growing influence of round-the-clock tabloid journalism and increased legal, ethical and regulatory investigation
FAC’s has a reputation for handling complex media situations in positive circumstances as well as in times of crisis. Our media relations professionals – including former journalists, press secretaries and communications officers – have delivered outstanding media results for clients throughout the world, with direct impact on their business performance
Using solid research and analysis, messaging, journalistic skills and close media relationships, our teams can deliver real business impact

Issues + Crisis Management

FAC’s issues and crisis teams help clients from every sector and corner of the Middle East prepare for, manage and recover from a wide variety of crises.
In this competitive world situations arise and become out of control, from an unfortunate mistake to a procedural slip
FAC will save you once reacting quickly and shaping the overall outcome mainly reputation intact Services include Communications Continuity Planning, Media Training, Issues Management, Risk Assessments + Audits and Messaging strategies

Website Development

Can you imagine you are going to a fast food restaurant after you saw their mouth-watering ads in the street and you expect to have the same meal in the ads, but when you got your food you found it counter-intuitive, and it’s not even close to the pictures in the ads, you will be very disappointed and you may decide you will never go to the same place again but give their competitor a try. That’s also how potential customers experiencing your website, that’s why you need a smart design to make it more exciting and meaningful for your users.

Mobile App Development

Our experience and knowledge of how users interact with the apps, help in planning and executing high-tech mobile app development for Android, IOS, Windows and PWA.

Our primary mobile application development services come with perks of creative inputs; guidance of market trends and creation of apps that are worthy of your time and money.

E-Commerce Development

With long experience in e-commerce development, our company offers intelligent solutions to create the site of your dreams. We both implement solutions from scratch and provide strong support to existing companies, through working closely with marketing and product managers, we help them efficiently manage complex products and promote multiple categories, as it was with our most hallmark projects.


With more than 25 years of GCC experience, Hospitality Industry & the FMCG across the GCC markets, enables us to extend our expertise in consulting on both levels; fund raising processes and operational

Digital Marketing Solutions

If the answer is no or if you are unsure, we are here to supply you with robust and sustainable marketing solutions & strategies that meet your prospects and help you create an easy to find and engaging experiences that inspire action, from joining your social network community, buying your products, to referring your brand to peers & social networks.