Use Cases

Are you looking for one of the top PR agencies in Dubai? if so, then contact FAC. As a trusted public relations agency in Dubai, we offer quick, effective as well as creative PR services that response to customer's need.

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Our devoted education specialists and department is made up of world-renowned education professionals, offering consultancy services and audience access to best-in-class private universities. Through our bespoke education consulting service, we provide expert advice on the finest kindergartens, schools and universities, in the region’s most desirable locations within the MENA region.

Private, Public & Government

Our special advisors provide high value professional services, always adapting to the specific needs of each client and every project. Our Consultants carry out economic, social, market or technical feasibility studies to launch new policies, plans, programs or public projects.

Retail & Corporate

Our award-winning boutique consultancy based in Dubai, works in a new imperative way for retailers. With our global experience, regional reach, extremal pressures and responsibilities, we adapt to a fast speed with technology and modern ways of delivery to meet our retailers' needs. And as we adapt to the new norms within the marketing sector, we also adapt new corporate expectations – from employees, consumers, investors, technology, competitors and partners.
We trust that, “Tomorrow’s retail is always in Business”.

Sports & Lifestyle

We are developing a new concept to gather like minded art collectors and brand lovers that appreciate the affordable luxury of unique pieces all based on amazing innovative techniques and approach. We offer guidance in brand strategy development, investment and image advisory services.


World of Luxury tailor-made travel content. Our dedicated regional network of travel specialists unearths the story about the most amazing destinations and curates bespoke travel experiences to the market audience. From Luxury hotels to the finest resorts, private tours and local retreats, we plan and curate one-if-a-kind services, tailored to our client desires.

Property & Real-estate

We are the award-winning regional real estate consultancy supporting clients to put a strategic approach that meets their plans and strategy. Boasting a dedicated expert team of International property specialists with access to off-market properties and expert marketing capabilities. Whether the desire is to promote a first-class residence, our specialists and consultants will find for you the best approach to suit every lifestyle and investment objectives.

Healthcare & Medicine

We at FAC Consultancy, our healthcare experts working hand to hand with many hospitals and medical centers in UAE to establish and improve their work reputation, investments and productivity. We support particularly the new branches or new centers by spreading awareness about their services, new technology they adapt and supporting then with main initial services starting from scratch.

Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping and style experts are masters at sourcing coveted news about fashion rare collectable and unique gifts for that special someone. From the latest designer styles, to find jewelry, luxury watch and elusive artworks our private marketing experts have every story list covered.


FAC Consultancy offers a fine art advisory and consultancy service that works with most of prestigious artists, galleries, museums and art fairs around the region. We also run a unique Patron program that engages both art collectors, influencers and enthusiasts in a dynamic, inspirational seasonal itinerary of revered art experiences, exhibitions and events.

Digital & Telecommunications

Our Technology expert within FAC consultancy working along with our clients in building their tech and digital existence within the region and to become well-known as a leading organization through their specialists’ advisory services and skilled team capabilities. FAC Consultancy serves as a trusted partner to the largest corporates, retail and universities in the region by running a customized program for capability development and marketing strategy which drive a real result.